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Shanghai , a city can accept everything and accommodate everybody from everywhere, where east and west culture interchange and blend, bright and shining . Especially, Pu Dong is the most dazzling aureole on this bright pearl . Since the central government decided to develop Pu Dong in 1990, Pu Dong has been the leader of Chinese economy, and Pudong's economy construction has got the flying wings. Perfect fundamental facility, good investment environment and rapid development situation of economy make Pu Dong to become the h o t spot of attract ing the worldwide vision for investment and development.
In 1996, Taiwan Far East ern Group aimed at mainland in home for investment and development, they selected Pu Dong, Shanghai , invested 250 million dollars , and built a union enterprise using PTA and EG as raw material to produce polyester and other extension products for large-scale chemical industry, chemical fiber, textile, dyeing and finishing ¡ª Far East ern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Far East ern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd has set up its head office in Lujiazhui Financial and trade zone where is the most flourishing area in Pu Dong; also they ha d built factory in Xinhuo Develop ment Zone, the factory area occupies 370 thousands square meter with reasonable allocation and well layout . There are workshops for polymerization, SSP, staple fiber, POY, DTY, PET sheet, weaving, dyeing and finishing and other relative accessory facilities. The convenient traffic, complete facilities, friendly environment and abundant resource create the most advantage conditions for the rapid development of the company.
Polymerization workshop is the production leader of the whole factory, and the PTA and EG are supplied by oversea. It is the first company to transport goods by means of 20-ton bulk container in domestic enterprise . The technological equipments are all designed, developed and researched by Far East ern Group. At present, it owns single production line with the largest production equipments for polyester melt and chip in home . The advanced automatic control system , after continuous polymerization , th e condensed base polymers are spun directly, or are supplied to the downstream to produce bottle chip , polyester sheet and etc.
SSP workshop uses continuous solid state polymerization product ion line and automatic control system, which are the best technology and the most advanced produc t ion line in home, and has the capacity of 0.18 million tons for PET bottle grade chip , and will be over 0.5 million tons in 2005. The quality of products meets the requirement of contemporary food and various industries purpose , and has already got the quality certificates of FDA and worldwide users.
Product ion line for staple fiber features in melt spinning directly £¬ and the single line its capacity is the number one in our country. The properties of three-dimensional crimped differential terylene staple fiber are lofty, spongy and elastic, its specification s are from 3 to 20 deniers, and its types are complete. The products are mainly used in spray-bonded nonwoven fiber, stuffing nonwoven fiber and cushion material, which are suitable for manufacturing each kind of non-woven fabric. W ith the company its elf developed process and grafted technology , that make t he products in type, quality and cost with more stronger competitive ability in the market.
POY workshop mainly produces polyester oriented yarn , all kinds of special POY products and POY products in super micro denier. The machine ¡°TORAY¡± imported from Japan has computer terminal control system and positioning management system, and its advanced automatic revolving table and bobbin shifting high-speed take-up machine , it can spin Filament continuously and directly, which features in short product process, low cost and stable quality etc. The product can be used in DTY processing, also can be suppl ied to the domestic customers after being packed . .
The material for DTY workshop is supplied by POY workshop directly , using CUMTIAN, Japan and B ar Mark , German friction twister, which is equipped advanced control unit and runs smoothly. The company took the lead in using automatic doffer, thus working efficiency is increased greatly. Producing from 50 to 300 deniers , various different s pecific elastic yarn, they are partly exported and partly process ed downstream for rank of middle and top face f a b ric , which has high reputation in home and oversea market.
The material for PET sheet workshop is mainly supplied by SSP workshop. Adopt the Bruckner German extrusion moulding equipment to produce single-layer and three-layer compound products, and according customer requirement to produce all-purpose PET sheets of vacuum forming , antistatic , folding box , showcase , anti-fog etc, which are for packing all kinds of advanced industrial products, electronic consulting products, food, cosmetic and mini home appliances etc.
Two floors of weaving workshop, the second floor is the twisting yarn preparation workshop . A fter the self produced or imported raw material is twisted, warped, sized and beamed, then it will be fed to ground floor to be weaved into blank fabric for various special fabric. There are 508 water-jet looms , and their annual capacity is 48 million yards.
Dyeing and finishing workshop adopts automatic electronic color matching machine, which can match various international standard colors as required by customers. Nowadays, that is taking the leading place in domestic dyeing and finishing industry. The equipped automatic weighing machine has 63 different colors, which can recipe dye in every different color accurately and automatically, and the hue is even. There are equipments like imported high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing machine, alkali deweighting machine, resin finishing machine, dryer and boarding machine etc, with the special spinning technique developed by company, which can produce fabric in high additional value like wool-like fabric, silk-like fabric, linen-like fabric and suede -like fabric etc. The annual capacity 50 million yards of Filament dyeing and finishing face fabric, which are exported to the counties and regions like Middle East, Euramerican etc.
The equipped engineering facility in factory area is complete.
Two large-scale wastewater treatment systems ha d bee n set up in the east and west factory areas, using the most advanced technology of sludge reflux and wastewater drainage to meet the national environment protection standard. The air compressor room equips with Euramerican centrifugal air compressor, where the computers monitor the air using status of each workshop. The electricity transformer station using the c omputer to control the electricity distribution system , and the maximum capacity is up to 50 thousand kilowatts. The German imported hot coal furnace its exhaust air complies with national environment protection standard. The full set of advanced production monitoring system can monitor the production process of material , accessorial materia l , the quality of reproduction product and product of each workshop. To assure the quality of products during the whole production process, physics and chemistry lab is set up, which is equipped advanced test instrument imported from USA , German and Japan, and the instrument with high quality inspects the physics and chemistry index of the finished products. The equipment of CAD center designed and laid out by the company is advanced, and the web server connect s with the factory area, thus the various data can be accessed all the time, these already establish ed the solid base for realiz ing OA.
The company thinks much of the comprehensive control of product quality. In 2000, the company got the certificate of DNV ISO9001: 2000 quality systems. In 2002, the whole company started to practice the most advanced ERP management mode .
With untiring efforts, nowadays, Far East ern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd already became one exquisite product base of the world textile and fiber, and each year got big volume good textile fiber product sold to the worldwide. Above all, the bottle grade chip, the differential terylene stable fiber and various middle rank and high rank face fabric are always the market best products.
Base on the distinguishing market performance, Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd ranked the 251 th of the top 500 foreign-country enterprises in 2000, ha d the honor to win ¡° Shanghai advanced foreign-country enterprises¡±; and in 2001 it ranked the 51 th of the 100 top import and export enterprises in Shanghai, meanwhile w on the honor of the ¡°Countrywide foreign-country double-excellent enterprise¡±
Looking back to the step of development history of Far East ern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, which just is the struggling course of the national industry ascending to the top rank of the world. A international first class, larger-scale polyester , from upper stream to down stream export enterprise, has already appeared beside Huang Pu River Shanghai amazingly. It's estimated that the capacity of the bottle grade chip will jump over 0. 5 million tons in 2005 , and the other series product capacity also will increase greatly . Viewing the future, Far East ern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd will keep the pioneer spirit of ¡°honest, diligent, simple and cautious ¡±, focus on the market, innovat e continuously, be moderate and practical, hold the principle of permanent operation , fully take the competitive advantage of the technique and resource, hand in hand, to create the brighter tomorrow.
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